Ultrasonic cleaning machine 6l 150 W GT SONIC-D6

Ultrasonic cleaning machine 6l 150 W GT SONIC-D6

An ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for removal of any deposited dirt that did not form a chemical bond with the underlying surface. Can be operated with water, if chemical-free cleaning is required. Can be run in two settings, tank capacity 6l Product Description »

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Application fields of an ultrasonic cleaning machines

  • Can be used for any plastic, metal, glass, rubber or ceramic object.
  • Removes non-organic (dust, machine oil, mineral oils) or organic (fungi, algae, plant oils, animal fats).
  • Objects that consist of several smaller parts do not have to be taken apart, as the cleaning fluid can stream through cracks and openings.
  • Can be used widely in automotive industries, jewelry cleaning, electronics, medical instrument cleaning, dentistry, laboratories, optics.

Principle of operation of ultrasonic cleaners

  • The ultrasonic cleaning machine agitates fluid with ultrasonic waves, resulting in cavitation bubbles. The bubble stream in the fluid and get to the inner parts of the cleaned object through cracks and openings. The bubbles collide with the surface of the object, collapsing and releasing energy that dislodges the deposited contaminant. The machine can be set to a 100% intensive cleaning or a milder 60% operation. As the energy discharge is constant, the fluid heats up, the heat results in more effective cleaning. The cleaned object has to be protected from damaging influences, if the machine has no heating settings. The cleaning effect of the fluid can be increased by additives, if the cleaned part is not damaged by them. These increases bubble formation and the intensity of the water circulation. The ultrasonic cleaner does not damage either the surface or the material of the cleaned object.

Technical details of the ultrasonic cleaning machine


SUS304 stainless steel

Timer settings

0-99 min





Tank capacity


Tank dimensions


Heating settings


Ultrasonic cleaners
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