Brain Bee X-Touch, autodiagnostic X-Touch

Brain Bee X-Touch, autodiagnostic X-Touch

The Brain Bee X-Touch is an automotive diagnostic device of the new generation, which can read and clear DTCs, program parts, perform system settings. The new search system allows to speed up the error detection process. Can be controlled from a tablet. Product Description »

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Basic functions of the autodiagnostic device

  • ECU data reading
  • DTC reading and clearing
  • Live data display, graphically
  • Recording part programming, key coding, programming
  • System setting
  • Separate testing of the vehicle systems

Dynamic autodiagnostic testing mode

  • The vehicle can be tested during driving, the data can be read and recorded during the drive and can be evaluated later.

Intelligent fault detecting systems

  • Brain Bee has elevated fault detection to a new level with its automotive diagnostic devices. The device offers suggestions to the steps of the detection of a fault, thus increasing the effectivity of the cause detection and solution. Unnecessary dismantling of parts is avoided and time is spared.

Keyword search

  • The new system allows to skip menu steps by entering a precise search definition. With direct search causes can be ruled out quicker.

Bluetooth data transmission

  • The X-Touch can be controlled with a special tablet, but can be also connected with a PC or a laptop with traditional USB connection or via wireless Bluetooth transmission. The measured data can be printed or forwarded electronically.

Brain Bee X-Touch technical details

  • Display 8"
  • Bluetooth v2.0 wireless transmission, range 100m
  • 2GB Micro SD

Communication protocol

  • ISO 14230 (ISO 9141-2), ISO 11519 - J1850 PWM,

  • ISO 11519 - J1850 VPW, ISO 11898-2 - HIGH SPEED CAN-BUS,

  • ISO 11898-3 - low speed CAN-BUS,

  • SAE J2411 - single wire CAN-BUS,

  • 485 (SAE J1708),

  • SAE J2610.


  • SAE J2534 signal path compatible
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