KENT izdelki

Visoko kakovostni izdelki blagovne znamke KENT so namenjeni popravilu in vzdrževanju na področju avtomobilske industrije, industrije in navtike. Blagovna znamka KENT je izbira profesionalcev.
  • KENT Nano Wax & Wash KT-10000

    Nanotechnology, low foaming, silicon free shampoo.
    Net price: 5.20 €
    Gross price: 6.35 €
  • KENT Matt Black Spray KT-85480

    A fast-drying paint with good adhesion.
    Net price: 5.60 €
    Gross price: 6.84 €
  • DREUMEX NATURAL CARE 250 ml KT-00030017

    Reconditioning cream
    Net price: 6.50 €
    Gross price: 7.93 €
  • KENT KD400 KT-50205

    A multi-purpose clear, nonstaining lubricant that penetrates rusted parts, displaces moisture and protects against rust and wear.
    Net price: 6.80 €
    Gross price: 8.30 €
  • KENT Brake Parts Cleaner 2 KT-83920

    A high pressure, chlorine-free, fast drying cleaner designed specifically for the cleaning of disc bA high pressure, chlorine-free, fast drying cleaner designed specifically for the cleaning of disc brakes, drum brakes and clutch plates.
    Net price: 7.40 €
    Gross price: 9.03 €
  • KENT Diesel One Shot II KT-84595

    Diesel One Shot II is a specific and effective short term rapid cleaner for diesel engines to compliment the long term fuel treatment of Fuel Guard II,NEW improved formulation Euro V Compliant
    Net price: 8.70 €
    Gross price: 10.62 €
  • KENT Fuel Guard 2 Additiv KT-83970

    The highly concentrated and multifunctional additive for petrol and diesel
    Net price: 8.70 €
    Gross price: 10.62 €
  • KENT Perfect Inox KT-84119

    An easy to use and extremely effective cleaner for Stainless steel surfaces with NSF approval, which leaves a protective coating to resist further tainting or marking.
    Net price: 8.70 €
    Gross price: 10.62 €


New products

  • Komplet peskalnik + kompresor SBC-4

    Industrial compressor, 100ltr, 2.2kW, 10bar CB-10023, Sandblaster cabinet, 350l LN-SBC350
    Net price: 1 018.00 €
    Gross price: 1 241.96 €
  • Plastic mount/demount head protector ATP-PP5

    Plastic mount/demount head protector, for the U-256AT tyre changer
    Net price: 2.54 €
    Gross price: 3.10 €
  • Combination wrench, 41mm TS01-41

    Chrome vanadium steel, combination wrench, 41mm, polished
    Net price: 14.33 € 11.46 €
    Gross price: 17.49 € 13.99 €
    You save: 2.87 €
  • Brain Bee Touch updating card for auto diagnostics (Up To Date)) B-PS012

    Contains all current updates and offers further updates for 12 months. if the device has not been updated for 2 years, this card brings the database up to date and offers 12 month access to the online database.
    Net price: 899.00 €
    Gross price: 1 096.78 €
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine, 6l, 150W VGT-1860QT

    Ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for removal of any dirt that has not formed chemical bonds with the cleaned object. Large, 6l tank, power 150W. Offers the advantage of cleaning the whole part without dismantling.
    Net price: 279.00 €
    Gross price: 340.38 €
  • KENT One Shot KT-83915

    Powerful cleaning with high-pressure jet.
    Net price: 10.90 €
    Gross price: 13.30 €
  • Brain Bee F-Touch, autodiagnostic device F-Touch

    The Brain Bee F-Touch new dimension autodiagnostic device can read and clear DTCs, program parts, perform system settings. Can be controlled from a table, laptop or a PC.
    Net price: 1 499.00 €
    Gross price: 1 828.78 €
  • KENT Dry Lube KT-50180

    Dry Lube is a silicone free dry lubricant spray that has been developed to provide long lasting lubrication without staining. It is ideal for most types of material, and is particularly suitable for all areas of lubrication where the attraction of dirt and dust is to be avoided, Dry Lube is suitable for the elimination of squeaks around dashboards
    Net price: 12.90 €
    Gross price: 15.74 €
  • Indukcijski grelnik, 6 delni komplet, Telwin 865012

    Varen in hitri način lokalnega indukcijskega ogrevanja. S priloženimi orodji je grelnik večnamensko uporaben.
    Net price: 1 459.00 € 1 386.05 €
    Gross price: 1 779.98 € 1 690.99 €
    You save: 72.95 €
  • Accessory card for the EXPERT 3000 EXPERT-LPG

    Accessory card and adapter for the LPG and NCG gas vehicle diagnostics
    Net price: 219.00 €
    Gross price: 267.18 €