KENT izdelki

Visoko kakovostni izdelki blagovne znamke KENT so namenjeni popravilu in vzdrževanju na področju avtomobilske industrije, industrije in navtike. Blagovna znamka KENT je izbira profesionalcev.
  • KENT Matt Black Spray KT-85480

    A fast-drying paint with good adhesion.
    Net price: 5.60 €
    Gross price: 6.84 €
  • KENT KD400 KT-50205

    A multi-purpose clear, nonstaining lubricant that penetrates rusted parts, displaces moisture and protects against rust and wear.
    Net price: 6.80 €
    Gross price: 8.30 €
  • KENT Brake Parts Cleaner 2 KT-83920

    A high pressure, chlorine-free, fast drying cleaner designed specifically for the cleaning of disc bA high pressure, chlorine-free, fast drying cleaner designed specifically for the cleaning of disc brakes, drum brakes and clutch plates.
    Net price: 7.40 €
    Gross price: 9.03 €
  • KENT Perfect Inox KT-84119

    An easy to use and extremely effective cleaner for Stainless steel surfaces with NSF approval, which leaves a protective coating to resist further tainting or marking.
    Net price: 8.70 €
    Gross price: 10.62 €
  • KENT -Petrol One Shot II KT-84594

    Petrol One Shot II is a specific and effective short term rapid cleaner to compliment the long term fuel treatment of Fuel Guard II,NEW improved formulation »“ Euro V Compliant Specific Euro 5 Compliant Additive tested under Wasserboxer Intake Valve Stick Test Constraints
    Net price: 8.70 €
    Gross price: 10.62 €
  • KENT Engine Flush KT-86119

    Contains extreme pressure bearing lubricant. Protects mechanical parts during cleaning. Designed for use on both diesel and petrol engines. Suitable for the internal cleaning of manual gearboxes
    Net price: 9.20 €
    Gross price: 11.23 €
  • KENT Z43 KT-50040

    The fine silicon finish for plastics and rubber parts. Moveable parts require proper lubrication… this is nothing new. But while with many mechanical parts a grease film cannot be avoided and does not bother either, grease deposits in the vehicle interior is something you rather want to do without. The KENT Z43 silicon spray against squealing is ideal as finish after cleaning plastic and rubber parts in the cockpit and on linings and sliding roofs. It removes nerve-racking squealing and creaking sounds while leaving only a very thin film. Z43 lets plastic parts look like new again and gives off a pleasant fresh fragrance in the interior of the vehicle.
    Net price: 9.90 €
    Gross price: 12.08 €
  • KENT Radiator Oil Emulsifier KT-84666

    An innovative blend of highly effective chemicals to enable the flushing ofemulsified oil caused by head gasket failure from all types of cooling systems.
    Net price: 10.90 €
    Gross price: 13.30 €


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