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KENT izdelki

Visoko kakovostni izdelki blagovne znamke KENT so namenjeni popravilu in vzdrževanju na področju avtomobilske industrije, industrije in navtike. Blagovna znamka KENT je izbira profesionalcev.
  • KENT Nano Wax & Wash KT-10000

    Nanotechnology, low foaming, silicon free shampoo.
    Net price: 5.20 €
    Gross price: 6.35 €
  • KENT Matt Black Spray KT-85480

    A fast-drying paint with good adhesion.
    Net price: 5.60 €
    Gross price: 6.84 €
  • DREUMEX NATURAL CARE 250 ml KT-00030017

    Reconditioning cream
    Net price: 6.50 €
    Gross price: 7.93 €

    Pre work protective cream
    Net price: 6.50 €
    Gross price: 7.93 €
  • KENT KD400 KT-50205

    A multi-purpose clear, nonstaining lubricant that penetrates rusted parts, displaces moisture and protects against rust and wear.
    Net price: 6.80 €
    Gross price: 8.30 €
  • KENT Brake Parts Cleaner 2 KT-83920

    A high pressure, chlorine-free, fast drying cleaner designed specifically for the cleaning of disc bA high pressure, chlorine-free, fast drying cleaner designed specifically for the cleaning of disc brakes, drum brakes and clutch plates.
    Net price: 7.40 €
    Gross price: 9.03 €
  • KENT Diesel One Shot II KT-84595

    Diesel One Shot II is a specific and effective short term rapid cleaner for diesel engines to compliment the long term fuel treatment of Fuel Guard II,NEW improved formulation Euro V Compliant
    Net price: 8.70 €
    Gross price: 10.62 €
  • KENT Fuel Guard 2 Additiv KT-83970

    The highly concentrated and multifunctional additive for petrol and diesel
    Net price: 8.70 €
    Gross price: 10.62 €


New products

  • Tyre inflation station, automatic WF-AI300

    With post, can be fixed to the floor, easy-to-read digital display. Air pressure 8bar, with automatically winding hose. The correct tyre pressure is indispensable for safe driving.
    Net price: 436.25 €
    Gross price: 532.23 €
  • KENT Blue Grease KT-34946

    Highly efficient corrosion protection grease – also for extreme conditions
    Net price: 13.90 €
    Gross price: 16.96 €
  • Water separator, oiler with pressure regulator 1/2", 12bar 734FRLM1/2

    1/2" internal unthreaded connection. Adjustable pressure up to 12bar, adjustable oil dosing.
    Net price: 59.89 € 47.92 €
    Gross price: 73.07 € 58.47 €
    You save: 11.98 €
  • Automatic welding helmet, Telwin 802837

    Telwin Stream automatic welding helmet. For AWI, MIG-MAG, MMA TIG (up to 5A) welding, LCD liquid crystal filter. Dark-light delay adjuster.
    Net price: 24.90 €
    Gross price: 30.38 €
  • KENT Rubber Guard KT-50110

    The high-strength and coarse underseal agent against gravel impact and grit abrasion. Beat your customers to it and offer them an alternative to the customary products from the compressed air gun with the Rubber Guard Underseal Agent. The spray from KENT restores gravel impact protection on door sills and front panels, seals welding sites and stands up even to toughest conditions on wheel wells and undercarriages.
    Net price: 13.90 €
    Gross price: 16.96 €
  • Fine quartz sand, 0.063-0.0355mm 06640

    Pesek za fino peskanje, primeren za aluminijasta platišča, tanko pločevino ...
    Net price: 6.15 €
    Gross price: 7.51 €
  • Brain Bee X-Touch, autodiagnostic X-Touch

    The Brain Bee X-Touch is an automotive diagnostic device of the new generation, which can read and clear DTCs, program parts, perform system settings. The new search system allows to speed up the error detection process. Can be controlled from a tablet.
    Net price: 2 009.00 €
    Gross price: 2 450.98 €
  • Quartz sand for sand blasters, 0.5-1.5mm 06637

    Quartz sand blasting media for sand blasters, with a particle size of 0.5-1.5mm, suitable for outdoor and in-cabin blasting.
    Net price: 5.66 € 5.09 €
    Gross price: 6.91 € 6.22 €
    You save: 0.57 €
  • Updating card with further updates for 12 months EXPERT-UTN

    Contains all current updates for the EXPERT 3000 diagnostic device, offers further updates for 12 months and 12 month access to the Online database.
    Net price: 519.00 €
    Gross price: 633.18 €
  • Komplet peskalnik + kompresor SBC-1

    Compressor 50l, 2.2kW, 8bar CC-05021, Table top sandblaster cabinet 90l LN-SBC90
    Net price: 258.80 €
    Gross price: 315.74 €